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Human Resembling Dancing Robot

 Human Resembling Dancing Robot using FS and Accelerometer is intend to control the robotic via recognizing the hand gestures. Electronic based devices for our robotic arm design the require hardware components like servo motors (in robotic), Arduino microcontroller, flex sensors, 3-axis sensor/tilt sensor, accelerometer, also Zigbee transmitter, Zigbee receiver. Gesture based mechanism is more popular in the field of robotics, which also interfaces human movement in accordance to the device. Haptic technology is used for manipulative a robotic and is define to make use of also the feedback from the intelligence sense of touch that enabled to control devices remotely.

A developed haptic robotic is also operate by detecting the motion of hand using flex sensors. The design robotic impersonator also the actions of the hand and it controls the robotic. The movement of hands is suppler and also it supports to operate on different commands also as directions and angles. A superior is intended as the controller which is also enthuse accordingly to function the robotic.