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Latest Topics

Latest Topics

Latest Topics – Image Processing

  • An efficient method for Secure Multiple Access based on Multicarrier CDMA by Induced Random Flipping scheme
  • The fresh function of CDMA communication system used for mars areostationary relay satellite
  • A competent Distributed coherent MIMO system via advanced CDMA channel estimation
  • An effectual process of Phosphor-based on LED visible light communication system bandwidth enhancement employing MC-CDMA
  • The Outage presentation of cooperative DS-CDMA systems by best path selection over α − η − μ fading channels scheme
  • An effectual swarming CDMA Crossbar intended for Network-On-Chip system
  • A new process of Constructed MC-CDMA LR-PON by Colorless Laser Diode and Multicode Interference Cancellation DSP system
  • An effective system of Underwater positioning organism based on cellular underwater wireless optical in CDMA networks
  • An original Pulse-Power-Detection Analysis of Incoherent O-CDMA scheme under the Influence based on Fiber Temperature Fluctuations
  • An innovative process of Throughput Performance Analysis based on Asynchronous Optical CDMA Networks by Channel Load Sensing Protocol
  • An effective performance for CDMA Modulation Technique in favor of Automotive Time-of-Flight LiDAR Schemes
  • A new-fangled technique of Analysis based on multiple-access interference used for CDMA signals
  • An innovative performance for CDMA signatures based on the shortened minimax binary sequences system
  • On the use of multi-rate MC-DS-CDMA in Time-Frequency-Wavelength (TFW) domain spreading based on new code assignment strategy used for optical communication link system
  • An effectual mechanism for Bit error rate expression of MC-CDMA system in α-μ fading channel
  • On the use of adaptive power and sub-carriers allocation under imperfect CSI in MC-CDMA based on Capacity enhancement systems
  • An efficient process of Precoding used for Sparsely Spread MC-CDMA Downlink by Discrete-Alphabet Inputs system
  • A fresh Distributed Resource Allocation Assisted via Intercell Interference Mitigation in Downlink Multicell of MC DS-CDMA Systems
  • An effective performance of Fast Gaussian Process Regression meant for Multiuser Detection in DS-CDMA system
  • The new process of Harvesting-Throughput Tradeoff designed for CDMA-Based on Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks by Wireless Energy Harvesting
  • An innovative mechanism for RF-Input Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier via Octave Bandwidth
  • An ingenious process of Asynchronous detection used for machine-to-machine systems with code division multiple access schemes
  • An effective performance for Bayesian Approach to Adaptive RAKE Receiver system
  • A new method designed for Spatial Modulation Aided Sparse Code-Division Multiple Access
  • A new source Code Division Multiple Access into Centimeter Accuracy Harmonic RFID Locating System
  • An effectual performance of Data transmission by code division based on transform in rotating coordinates scheme
  • On the use of Spatial Multiplexing based on Multiuser MIMO Indoor Visible Light Communication System
  • A new mechanism meant for Buffer-assisted physical-layer network code designs in favor of cooperative systems
  • A competent performance based on Complementary Coded Scrambling Multiple Access with Its Performance into Downlink MIMO Channels system
  • The new technology based on Performance comparison of graphical processing unit driven time-domain and FFT-based on correlators used for aircraft positioning system
  • On the use of orthogonal gold sequence based on Analysis of DS-CMDA system
  • A new resource of Performance analysis based on pattern division multiple access technique in SIC and PIC receiver system
  • A proficient mechanism intended for Broadband LDMOS 40 W and 55 W integrated power amplifiers system
  • The new-fangled method used for Construction of Multiple Optimal ZCZ Sequence Sets with Good Cross-Correlation
  • A developing function of Non-Linear Programming method based on Maximize SINR for Designing Spreading Sequence system
  • A novel technique of Uplink Virtual MIMO via Device Relaying Cooperation Enforcement within 5G Networks method
  • An effective method of 5G D2D Networks based on Future forecast, Challenges in addition to Techniques
  • A competent process of Cloud based on video reporting examine in 5G enabled bysmart transportation system in vehicular networks system
  • A novel technique forward intended for accommodating NFV in 3GPP 5G systems
  • An effective function of investigation based on patch antenna plan used for 5G system
  • An efficient mechanism for agile managing of 5G core network based on SDN/NFV expertise technology
  • An efficient technique based on Analysis of interference effects from maritime earth station in motion to 5G mobile service system
  • A new technique for Energy-Efficient Power Allocation in Multitier 5G Networks via Enhanced Online Learning system
  • A fresh heterogeneous computing platforms and 5G communications designed for IoT applications
  • An inventive mechanism for Non-orthogonal random access by channel inversion used for 5G networks
  • An efficient mechanism in favor of Cell selection technique meant for 5G millimeter-wave system
  • The new process of SDN-Based on Video Multicast Orchestration Scheme intended for 5G Ultra-Dense Networks system
  • The novel technology for Achieving Sustainable Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous Networks intended for 5G system
  • Design and development for Hypergraph Theory based on Applications in 5G Heterogeneous Ultra-Dense Networks

Cyber Security

  • A review based on 5G Networks intended for Internet of Things based on Challenges system as well as Communication Technologies scheme
  • An effectual mechanism to Service-oriented 5G based on Virtualizing Networks used for Everything-as-a-Service system
  • Designing function of GPON-based on front-end architecture intended for 5G networks system
  • Develop process of Antenna expansion designed for 5G networks scheme
  • Designing function of Unified control structural design used for 5G convergence network system
  • The fresh process of open source simulation tool used for sharing and compatibility studies between 5G and other radio communication systems
  • An efficient mechanism for Blockchain-based on trusted authentication in cloud radio over fiber network used for 5G system
  • A new function of Dual-band antenna array with beam steering in favor of mm-waves 5G networks system
  • An effective process of 10-bit active RF phase shifter intended for 5G wireless systems
  • A novel study on the deployment of FSS as electromagnetic shielding designed for 5G devices

Web Technology

  • Design and build up process of Optimization of a new structure patch antenna for MIMO and 5G applications
  • An effective function of TCP in 5G mmWave networks for Link level retransmissions and MP-TCP system
  • The new investigational SDR platform intended for inband D2D communications in 5G
  • A new method for Statistical QoS-driven power adaptation based on distributed caching in mobile offloading over 5G wireless networks
  • An effective mechanism for uniform clustering based on coverage and cost effective placement of serving nodes in 5G system
  • An effectual function of fresh expansion for autonomous sources intended for ocean acoustic navigation, tomography and communications system
  • A new function of Broad band PCB probes designed for near field measurements scheme
  • An innovative mechanism for Large Frequency-Ratio Dual-Band with Broad Dual-Band Parallel-Line Couplers method
  • A new method in favor of Generation for broad-band Bessel beams by an SLM method


  • An inventive practice for high efficiency broadband omnidirectional UHF patch antenna applying surface plasmon polaritons in favor of handheld terminals system
  • A new technology for Grounded coplanar waveguide-based on 0.5–50 GHz sensor in favor of dielectric spectroscopy system
  • An efficient mechanism for Technology analysis with scheme design of aerospace vehicles TT&C and communication derived from relay satellites scheme
  • The novel process of Design function ultra-broadband bidirectional ring antenna by superellipse slot with MoM-RWG


  • A new mechanism for Deep-UV plasma emission into hollow-core photonic crystal fiber via gas mixture system
  • An effective process of AlGaN nanowire deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes and lasers system
  • A new source for Power and efficiency scaling of diode pumped Cr:LiSAF lasers scheme
  • An inventive performance for Simulation of LSPR Sensor derived from Exposed-Core Grapefruit Fiber by a Silver Nanoshell system
  • A ground-braeking mechanism for Simulation of InGaAs/InGaP multiple quantum well systems in favor of multijunction solar cell scheme
  • The development of All-Optical Microwave Photonic Downconverter by Tunable Phase Shift system

Natural Language Processing

  • The novel process of modern Dynamic Preamble Subset Allocation designed for RAN Slicing in 5G Networks system
  • An efficient mechanism for Delivering Fairness and QoS Guarantees meant for LTE/Wi-Fi Coexistence Under LAA Operation scheme
  • An innovative performance for Energy-and Spectral-Efficiency Trade-off aimed at D2D-Multicasts in Underlay Cellular Networks
  • The new process of Adaptive Mobility Load Balancing Algorithm intended for LTE Small-Cell Networks

Internet Computing

  • The fresh mechanism for Performance Evaluation based on RPL Protocol under Mobile Sybil Attacks system
  • A designing method for ERAOF based on new RPL protocol objective purpose for Internet of Things applications
  • An original methodology for Secure routing into IoT networks within SISLOF system
  • An effectual mechanism for Performance estimate of RPL based on a mobile scenario by different ContikiMAC radio duty cycles

Systems And Cybernetics

  • An original performance for Optimizing RPL Objective Function designed for Mobile Low-Power Wireless Networks
  • The novel technology for PE of RPL Protocol under by Mobile Sybil Attacks system
  • An effective function of PE of Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks on a mobile scenario with different Contiki MAC radio duty cycles scheme
  • An effective performance for Multiple constrained QoS routing with RPL method
  • The new technology for energy efficiency and stability of RPL routing protocol
  • The new-fangled source function based on route maintenance and recovery mechanism of RPL scheme

Grid Computing

  • An effective mechanism for Covering algorithm intended for different obstacles and moving obstacle into wireless sensor networks
  • A novelty practice for Flexibility Metric and Optimization Methods used for Mixed Numerologies into 5G and beyond
  • A new performance for Space-Reserved Cooperative Caching into 5G Heterogeneous Networks designed for Industrial IoT system
  • The new process for Optimal and Scalable Caching based on 5G used by Reinforcement Learning of Space-Time scheme Popularities
  • An effective mechanism for Multi-Objective Optimization into 5G Hybrid Networks system
  • An inventive process of Dual PHY Layer for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Transceiver into 5G Networks scheme
  • A new technique based on 5G Wideband Patch Antenna By Antisymmetric L-shaped Probe Feeds
  • An effectual performance for Caching Meets Millimeter Wave Communications designed for Enhanced Mobility Management into 5G Networks

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