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Simulation Projects

Simulation Projects

Simulation Projects service is one of the best and commercial ways for student’s guidance. We also assist final year (major and mini) project in trending/advanced topics for student’s necessities. Our simulation deals with variety of projects areas (MATLAB, Java, Python, etc.) in which describe Network like NS2 (Network Simulator version 2), OMNeT++, NS3 (Network Simulator version 3), J-Sim (Java based Simulation), Qualnet, Glomosim, OPNET, TOSSIM, Tiny OS, and also many other areas supported in simulation projects. We have developed nearly 6000+ Simulation projects using various (open source and commercial) simulation tools for education leaners.

research areas also for network based simulation projects is implemented using programming languages such as C++, OTCL [Object oriented TCL (Tool command language)], python, etc.,

Below, works also under the UNIX similar systems

  • Wireless Body Area Network
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Optical Wireless Networks
  • Cloud Based Online Social Networking
  • Social Network Analysis Applications
  • Network Visualization And Security
  • Heterogeneous Networking
  • 5G And also LTE-C Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networking
  • Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Big Data Networking
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Mesh Networks
  • Cellular Networks
  • Satellite Networks
  • 3G And also 4G Network
  • Wi-Max
  • And So On

Our marvelous experts provide recent technology with best topic for student’s project accomplishment as per related field of their interest. We have also experience 5+ years of simulation expertise and we work under latest collection of simulation based final year (major & mini) projects offered for various categories from graduates to masters (Diploma, BSc, BCA, B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, MSc, MPhil, PhD/MS and also other students).

  • Network Projects
  • Control Projects
  • Home Automation Projects
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Antennas Projects
  • FPGA & VHDL Projects
  • And also Many More
Let’s have a glance over the major simulation projects titles based on MATLAB focused in the following areas such as communication, image processing, power electronics, wireless communication, signal processing and also so on.
  • A JPEG-compressed digital image designed also for towards by practical self-embedding systems
  • Design and develop technique for QRS complex detection also used by particle swarm optimization
  • A novel technology of minimum energy channel codes also for Nano-scale wireless communications
  • An effective mechanism for downlink resource allocation also used for next generation wireless networks with inter-cell interference system
  • An effectual analysis of normal and also epileptic EEG signals with filtering techniques
  • Design and develop AS-band bit stream transmitter also with CANE (Channelized Active Noise Elimination) a bridgeless boost rectifier intended for low-voltage energy harvesting application
  • A designing of single-stage buck and also boost converters used for photovoltaic inverter applications
  • Using MIMO technique also via chaos communication system
  • An effective energy efficiency optimization in MU-MIMO also with spectral efficiency constraint system