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Payment can be made in two modes user can choose anyone of the payment mode suitable and convenient to them, in part payment mode users have to pay certain amount after the delivery of the certain modules or project or after publishing the paper.

There is another option called full payment mode in which user have to pay the amount in single payment to avoid the late payment and other problems in this mode full product is delivered to the user and we provide extensible support until the user gats satisfied about the product and get full knowledge about the project.

In part payment mode users have to pay the prescribed amount as a payment to get the service and the user are advised to pay the quoted amount at the regular intervals to avoid the service interruption or late delivery of the project.

Users are advised to pay the prescribed amount after completion of certain module or full completion of the projects or service. If user is failed to pay the prescribed amount user cannot get the service or product until the payment is received.

User can pay the amount directly or can follow other payment modes if user cannot pay the amount directly he can pay the amount by providing a cheque as in the company name. We accept all credit and debit cards for customer convenience.

Payment for refund can be made based on the wish of customer either directly by cash or through cheque.

For international clients the payments method is slightly different we accept the currencies that are authorised by Reserve Bank of India, so that the clients are advised to pay the currency of their respective countries corresponds to Indian currency.

Payment is inclusive of all the taxes so that the user must know about the taxes along with the payments. Taxes include taxes like VAT, Sales Tax, and Service tax.

Our company has regal rights to revise the payment in certain amount of time. Company can alter the payment rate in every year. User can pay the prescribed amount specified at the date of agreement only even the payments are revised it does not affect the customer.

Users are asked to make the payment in the prescribed instalments only. User cannot ask for additional instalment and users are advised to strictly follow the conditions for instalment mode of payment.

User can get the invoice copy and he can get a bill copy after the successful payment. Our company is not responsible for an additional charge user has to bear the additional charges includes the charge for advanced kit or special device recommended by the customer.

User has to pay the additional amount if he requires any services additionally from the legally agreed services prescribed in the document.